Guy Preston Announced as DJ for Blue Prism World 2019, London and Orlando

After an information and inspiration packed day, what better way to relax, network and enjoy yourself than at the Blue Prism World Party?

We have a musical treat for you …

DJ/producer, Guy Preston has played numerous high-brow parties across the world, including for Chanel and Vogue.  As a producer, his tracks have appeared on some of the most successful compilation albums (Pure, Ministry) and he has regular single releases on various labels.

Guy’s Live Sessions are a fusion of DJ and live musicians; a blend of beats and instruments that compliment each other perfectly.  Bringing crowd performance to the people, his musicians move freely around the party, effortlessly improvising and creating a buzz around the entire room.

His hand-picked musicians are no strangers to big stages and have played alongside many international superstars, including Bruno Mars and Camillo Cabello.

  • Alex, on sax, has entertained audiences at the Monaco Grand Prix and Le Mans 24 Hours and has played alongside DJs all over the world.
  • Lily on trumpet. London-based Lily has performed with her unique improv style around the world.


Don’t miss your chance to party with us at Blue Prism World, London and Orlando.
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