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Bigger and better in 2019

The pioneers of the world’s most successful digital workforce bring you Blue Prism World; a global event you won’t want to miss! Join us for two days of unrivaled access to every aspect of intelligent automation.

Go beyond your potential. Blue Prism World offers real value by giving you the insights and information you need to move your business beyond its current capabilities. Connect with industry leaders and peers under one roof. Be inspired by thought leaders and visionaries and network with people who are driving innovation in the industry. Learn more about the digital workforce ecosystem and what the future holds for digital transformation. Share information, hear from the early adopters and get hands-on practical advice as to how intelligent automation can transform and bring value to your business.

Blue Prism World

April 3-4, 2019

Partner Forum

April 3, 2019

Blue Prism World

May 22-23, 2019

Partner Forum

May 21, 2019


An extraordinary two-day event in impressive surroundings.


Blue Prism World will bring 3,000 customers, partners and experts together under one roof.


Practical sessions will focus on intelligent automation from the attendees’ point of view.


Visionaries, thought leaders and subject matter experts will give you insight into implementation and benefits.


Hands on demos show you how to transform your organization through proven intelligent and sustainable RPA solutions.

Key benefits of attending

  • Learn more about how you can connect fully with the Blue Prism ecosystem and hear case studies demonstrating its value.
  • Discover the latest advances in technology and new product launches from Blue Prism and its Partners.
  • Get hands-on, skills-based demonstrations, giving you information that can be fed straight into your digital transformation strategy.
  • Take part in valuable, expert driven, panel sessions, track and Q&A sessions regarding product capability and leadership with industry hard hitters and senior members of the Blue Prism team.
  • Discover the recipe to success in the art of leadership for today and the future of intelligent automation.
  • Learn how to lead and connect with your organization regarding the implementation of the digital worker.
  • Visualize the automation process through the eyes of the digital worker to better understand your requirements and how to improve existing automation strategies.
  • Find out how you can maximize the use of your data to bring your business tangible financial and customer satisfaction benefits.
  • Walk away with a market leading solution that allows you to generate faster returns at an enterprise scale.

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