Partner Forum


Bringing value to our Blue Prism Partners

A unique session for our trusted partners; a chance to expand your knowledge base and learn more about growing your business and implementing new strategies with Blue Prism. With key speakers and an executive panel solely focused on your needs, our Partner Forum is an opportunity to find out more about the Blue Prism ecosystem and to engage with like-minded industry professionals and experts. There is no charge to attend Partner Forum, registration is required through the Blue Prism World ticket registration process.

Keynote Blue Prism Speakers

What steps are we taking to drive the market forward?  Blue Prism experts share their vision and how further collaboration will bring greater success.

Unique insights into the future of RPA

New products, best practices and the latest technical advances.  Partner Forum gives tailored insights into the future of RPA, what steps we need to take and what benefits will come as we move into a new era of intelligent automation.

Sharing our ongoing RPA strategy

We believe that together we can shape exciting change.  Sharing ideas and implementation strategies is key to future success for all. Partner Forum at Blue Prism World is the perfect opportunity to learn, grow and find significant answers and feedback.

Keynote Speakers

David Moss

CTO & Co-Founder,
Blue Prism

Marty Pavlik

Senior Expert Associate Partner Digital,
McKinsey & Company


Register and have breakfast in the Partner Village.

Join us as our regional Sales General Manager, Brian Mort, kicks off the 2019 Partner Forum with an exciting message on 2018 partner sucesses and a snapshot of what’s to come.

Chief Technology Officer, Dave Moss, will reveal the 2019 vision and roadmap for the newly released, Blue Prism connected-RPA.

McKinsey & Company’s own, Marty Pavlik, Senior Expert Associate Partner Digital, will share insights on the existing RPA industry and pinpoint where Blue Prism fits into the mix for today’s market and in the year ahead.

Get inside of the Blue Prism executive suite with this much anticipated panel discussion. Sales leaders from across the organization will address frequently asked topics to include how we’re committed to improving the partnering experience, new opportunities to drive greater business within the partner ecosystem and much more…

Time to get refreshments and network in the Partner Village.

OCR, human in the loop, cognitive automation. What do they all have in common? They are all major features of some of our best technology alliance program (TAP) partners that, through Blue Prism’s connected-RPA, bring new meaning to the role of the intelligent digital worker. This moderated panel is designed to outline how various partnerships combine differing skills to truly maximize robotics potential.

The annual Blue Prism partners awards showcase, The Prism Awards, recognize partner contributions for 2018. This year will feature new awards categories that reflect the expanding partner eosystem’s excellence in the RPA industry.

Closing remarks, followed by food and networking in the Partner Village.