Mitch Lowe Announced as Keynote Speaker for Blue Prism World, Orlando

We are delighted to announce that Mitch Lowe is confirmed as our keynote speaker for Orlando.

Speaker Profile

Mitch Lowe

CEO of MoviePass, and Co-Founding Executive of Netflix

Mitch Lowe has extensive experience of creating disruptive start up technology-based businesses, particularly in the field of video rental and entertainment. Currently he is the CEO of Movie Pass (a movie ticket subscription service) but he has held pivotal roles in many companies, notably as a co-founder of Netflix.

Mitch is no stranger to weathering the storms of rapidly expanding companies and understands the challenges that play out due to critical technological and cultural change. Keeping abreast and ahead of technology can prove difficult but, he knows, success is reached via the effort of overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles. His ability to visualize the ‘art of the possible’ even when others deny a project’s viability make him an inspiring speaker for Blue Prism World 2019.

Mitch will join us this year to talk about his experiences of working with successful start-ups, about how to create a winning culture and about the importance, when thinking of the future impact of technology, of feeling that we aren’t “afraid to move forward”.

  • Mitch Lowe invested in and became CEO of MoviePass, Inc. in June 2016.
  • Mitch was a founding Executive at Netflix, Inc., serving as Netflix’s entertainment domain expert and as vice president of business development & strategic alliances from 1998 to 2003.
  • In 2003 Mitch joined the investment group at McDonald’s to co-lead as COO and then as president, at Redbox, a DVD vending machine rental service, that under his leadership grew to 35k kiosks across the US with revenue growing from less than $1m in 2003 to $1.5B in revenue in 2011 with over $325m in free cash flow.
  • Mitch has made many personal investments in start-ups primarily in the entertainment, blockchain and social space.
  • Mitch is passionate about the success and business fulfillment of people in large businesses as well as first-time entrepreneurs.

If you’re interested in how technology will positively impact the future of business, you’ll want to hear what Mitch has to say.

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